Landscape is very dynamic. In line with the development of an increasingly high population, the dynamics of the landscape have also changed due to an increase in the intensity of the population in utilizing land. The condition of the corona virus pandemic since the beginning of 2020 has resulted in two impacts to the environment. On the one hand it has provided a positive impact in the form of improving environmental conditions due to reduction on population mobility and natural resources exploitation, but on the other hand it has also increased the number of dangerous waste, e.g. increasing mask waste accumulation. read more


“Landscape Dynamics and Sustainable Development Post Covid-19 Pandemic”

Sub Theme:

  • Landscape Inventory and Mapping
  • Human Impact on Landscape
  • Disaster Management
  • Food Security
  • Gender and Demographic Bonus
  • Climate Adaptation and Mitigation
  • Sustainable Cities and Community Resilience
  • Clean Water and Sanitation