Authors Guideline

  1. Papers submitted must be original work and should not have been previously published or presented at another meeting.
  2. Papers should be written in English.
  3. For both primary and co-authors, credentials along with their full names and email addresses must be included. If co-authors are from different institutions, the secondary institution(s) and the institution investigators are associated with must be listed using a superscript.
  4. Papers topic should conform to the scope of the conference/symposium.
  5. The submitted paper is at least of 6 pages and no more than 11 pages with A4 Paper size in doc format.
  6. Papers must be written in the IOP Proceeding format. (IOP Proceeding Template)
  7. Papers must be submitted online. Check this link for paper submission


  1. This conference does not accept abstract only and only accept the full paper.
  2. Authors must be able to give a 15-20 minutes presentation or sent poster in order to get their paper published in the proceedings.
Please submit your paper by the procedure on guidelines.
The paper that wasn’t submitted by the procedure as the guidelines will not be registered.

Please check this submission and payment guidelines.

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